Accelwater: Accelerating Water Circularity in Food and Beverage Industrial Areas around Europe

Project title: Accelwater

Partners: Agenso – Agricultural & Environmental solutions, National Technical University of Athens – NTUA, Institute of communication and computer systems, Athenian Brewery SA, Frieslandcampina Nederland Holding BV, Rezos Brands Anonymi Emporiki Eteria Idon Diatrofis, Dignity Private Company, Prodal Scarl, Calispa Spa, Associazione Nazionale Industriali Conserve Alimentari Vegetali, Fundacio Universitaria Balmes, Associació Catalana d'Innovación del sector carni porcí "INNOVACC", Matadero Frigorifico Del Cardoner, SA, AXIA Innovations UG, University of Iceland, Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa, Samherji fish farm

Research Fund: Horizon 2020

Initial year: 2020

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Hildur Inga Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

Accelerating Water Circularity in Food and Beverage Industrial Areas around Europe

AccelWater’s project main objective is to optimize freshwater water consumption in the food and beverage industry under a water-waste-energy nexus by introducing beyond state-of-the-art water reclaiming, reusing and Artificial Intelligence enabled monitoring and control technologies that will permit the use of reclaimed water in the manufacturing processes of food and beverages. On the same time, it will allow waste and energy reclamation, optimization and management, and consequently will result to environmental sustainability, cost savings and the development of added value products and value chains through material recovery.

The Icelandic team participating in Accelwater is working on experiments in fish processing and aquaculture. Their goal is to teach tributary flows and valuable materials in processing water as well as find suitable methods for their utilization for value added. Also to assess the need for the use of resources (water and energy) in production and fire with a view to reducing use and increasing recycling as appropriate.

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