Iceblue – Natural stable blue dye from microalgae

Project title: Iceblue

Partners: VAXA Technologies, DTI, Skarø, Sømods Bolcher

Research Fund: Eurostars (Technology Development Fund)

Initial year: 2020

Service Category:



Margrét Geirsdóttir

Project Manager

The IceBlue project aims to bring to market a safe high-quality microalgae-based blue dye with high color intensity and superior stability for use in food and beverages.

VAXA Technologies will develop organic cultivation of the spirulina, which makes possible the use of the natural blue pigment in organically certified products. Consumers demand natural, sustainable ingredients in their food, but food manufacturers and suppliers struggle to provide such ingredients when the choice of blue dye is on the one hand.

The project involves VAXA Technologies and Matís in Iceland, together with DTI which is a research institute located in Aarhus in Denmark and two small companies, Skarø Is located on Skarø which is a small island just north of the Fjón and Sømods Bolcher in Copenhagen.

Matí's role in the project is to develop the isolation of the pigment, which is actually a protein, from both traditional and organic crops. Also measurements of its properties and development of application possibilities.