BlueGreenFeed: Development of aquaculture feed from agricultural side streams

Project title: BlueGreenFeed

Partners: LAXÁ (IS), University of Iceland (IS), Sintef (NO), Montasjen AS (NO), Taltech (EE), AARHUS UNIVERSITET (DK), Vestjyllands Andel Feed Optimizing and Innovation (DK)

Research Fund: BlueBio Cofund / Technology Development Fund

Initial year: 2023

Service Category:

fish farming


Stefán Þór Eysteinsson

Research Group Leader

The goal of the project is to transform underutilized side streams in agriculture into valuable aquaculture feed.

Among the side streams that will be explored are grass and poultry feathers, which will be transformed by using them as feed for four types of insects. After feeding the insects with feathers and grass, they will be processed and used in the production of fish feed. In the project, emphasis will be placed on increasing sustainability in agriculture and aquaculture through increased utilization of underutilized side streams, but to measure that output, life cycle analysis (LCA) methods will be applied.