Increased value of prepared foods with bioactive substances from by-products or little-used raw materials from the sea

Project title: EnRichMar

Partners: Masked chef, Marinox, Ruislandia, Den Eelder, BioActive Foods, VTT, TNO, University of Milan. Matís was the coordinator of the project.

Research Fund: FP7

Initial year: 2014


Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

The main objective of EnRichMar was to increase the value of prepared foods with bioactive substances produced from by-products or underutilized raw materials from the sea. 

The use of omega-3 and bioactive substances from algae in food could contribute to the positive health effects of food consumption and stability.

In the project, on the one hand, developed seafood, dairy and cereal products enriched with omega-3 and the effects of consuming such products on mental and brain function were studied, and on the other hand such products were enriched with bioactive substances from algae and the effects of food consumption on inflammation and oxidative stress. investigated.