Life is a saltwater fish then and now

Project title: Life is a saltwater fish

Partners: Íslandsstofa, Icelandic salted fish producers, Club of Chefs, Møreforsking AS

Research Fund: AG-Fisk (Arbejdsgruppen for Fiskerisamarbejdet) on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, AVS Research Fund

Initial year: 2019

Service Category:

Demersal fish


Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

The main purpose of the project was to increase knowledge of seafood, such as salted fish, and thus promote greater respect and thus increased value.

The project examined and introduced traditions, innovations, processing methods, properties and quality of salted fish. Workshops and meetings were held with chefs on behalf of Matís, as well as presentations, which took place in Iceland and other Nordic countries in collaboration with Íslandsstofa and salted fish producers.

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