Salted fish for the future

Project title: Salted fish for the future

Partners: Þorbjörn hf., Vísir hf., Skinney Þinganes, Háskóli Íslands, VSV

Research Fund: AVS Rannsóknasjóður, ANR, Matvælasjóður

Initial year: 2018

Service Category:

Demersal fish


Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

The aim of the project is to promote increased value creation in catfish processing by developing and the best methodology for dehydration of salted fish based on the current production method of salted fish.

It is necessary to develop a method (s) that manufacturers can control based on buyers and market, product, quality and raw materials. The shelf life of chilled and frozen dehydrated products will be researched in different ways and high quality products can be guaranteed to consumers. The project will provide new knowledge and guidelines for new procedures for the production and packaging of dehydrated salted fish products, which will result in a significant increase in value.

Árið 2021-2022 er það Matvælasjóður sem styrkir verkefnið og samstarfsaðilar eru eftirfarandi:

  • Þorbjörn hf,
  • Vísir hf,
  • VSV (Vinnslustöðin hf)
  • University of Iceland