Development of the Icelandic database on the chemical content of food (ÍSGEM) 2024-2025

Project title: ÍSGEM

Partners: Partners are a wide group of ÍSGEM users, such as food companies, researchers, teachers and the public

Research Fund: Ministry of Food

Initial year: 2024


Ólafur Reykdal

Project Manager

The Icelandic database on the chemical content of food is accessible on Matís' website

The Icelandic Database on the Chemical Content of Food (ÍSGEM) stores data on nutrients in foods on the Icelandic market and has been a key tool for nutritional research, public advice on diet, nutrition labeling and product development in food companies. Individuals then download information about food from the Matís website. The first model of ÍSGEM was put into use in 1987 and is the foundation under Matís' supervision.

The Ministry of Food has entered into an agreement with Matís for an extensive update of the ÍSGEM database in the years 2024 and 2025. The aim is to ensure access by the public, researchers and business to reliable information on the nutritional content of food. Reference is made to the role of Matís, who is conducting research and innovation in the field of food for the benefit of business, food safety and public health.

Matís must update and maintain ÍSGEM so that knowledge of nutritional value is communicated to the public. Available Icelandic data on nutrients will be reviewed, quality assessed and recorded in ÍSGEM. Foreign data will be obtained when applicable with the help of foreign partners. Matís will be a participant in European cooperation organized by the EuroFIR company. Chemical analyzes of selected foods will be carried out in order to check the reliability of the data available in the database and also to obtain data that is not available domestically or abroad.