Nutrient data – Importance for public health and product development 

Project title: Nutrient data

Partners: European Food Information Resource (EuroFIR), MS Iceland Dairies (Mjólkursamsalan) and the Small-Scale Food Producers Association (Samtök smáframleiðenda matvæla).

Research Fund: Icelandic Food Innovation Fund (is. Matvælasjóður)

Initial year: 2022


Ólafur Reykdal

Project Manager

The project deals with the Icelandic Food Composition Data Base (ISGEM) which is run by Matis. The data base has for a long time been a resource for nutrient data of Icelandic foods, used by the public, specialists, and food companies. However, the data base has not been fully updated due to lack of financial resources.

Available new and old data will be studied and evaluated by international methods. Quality criteria for the ISGEM data will be defined in cooperation with the EuroFIR association and a new quality manual will be prepared. Presentation of data at the Matis website will be improved to make graphical format possible. Data in ISGEM will be scrutinised to find the need for new data. This activity will be supported by chemical analysis.

Dissemination of information on the data base will be an important part of the project. The Matis website and social media will be used for this purpose. A web booklet and a printed booklet will be sources of information for users.

The deliverables from the project will be: (1) an improved quality manual for the ISGEM data base based on international knowledge, (2) a new web booklet that will facilitate the use of nutrient data, (3) improved layout and graphical presentation of ISGEM data on internet, (4) updated nutrient data in the ISGEM data base as far as the project allows.