NordMar Plastic: Towards a harmonized approach to assessing plastic pollution in the sea

Project title: NordMar Plastic

Partners: University of Iceland, Environment Institute, Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI), IVL - Swedish Environmental Institute, BioPol, Akvaplan Niva, Aarhus University, Norwegian Institute of Marine research, Vrije Universiteit

Research Fund: Nordic Council of Ministers

Initial year: 2019


Sophie Jensen

Project Manager

NordMar Plastic will contribute to the creation of a harmonized international standard for the analysis of plastics in marine life by collecting and reviewing available data on methods, results and monitoring. Emphasis is also placed on achieving and connecting with other European and international projects, building networks for harmonization and strengthening co-operation and synergies.

NordMar Plastic will focus on the Nordic and Arctic conditions and assess whether there are specific emphases or challenges that need to be focused on in this area. The project will increase awareness of the impact of plastics on the Nordic marine environment.

The NordMar Plastic project will also create educational material for children in primary schools as well as practical projects to reduce the use of plastic and its recycling.

More information about the project and its progress can be found on the website