Microorganisms for aquaculture sludge enrichment

Project title: Microorganisms for aquaculture sludge enrichment

Partners: Sjávarklassin and Samherji Fiskeldi

Research Fund: Hringrásarsjóður

Initial year: 2022


Anna Berg Samúelsdóttir

Project Manager


The main goal of the project is to develop ways to treat side streams from fish farming (waste) with microbes so that such raw material becomes more suitable as fertilizer for agriculture.

Waste from aquaculture is rich in nutrients (N, P, K), but access to the raw material is a significant obstacle for agriculture. Aquaculture companies produce thousands of tons of nutritious waste (eg excrement and dead fish) which today is useless raw material and therefore goes to waste. It is important to work on permanent solutions to keep all the raw materials that fall as by-products at aquaculture companies within the circular economy.