Development of an ecosystem approach and multi-stock modeling for fisheries management

Project title: MareFrame

Partners: Matís (IS), Háskóli Íslands (IS), Hafrannsóknarstofnun (IS), North Sea Regional Advisory Council (UK), North Western Waters Regional Advisory Council (IR), The Pelagic Regional Advisory council (NL), International Council for the exploration of the sea - ICES (DK), CSIRO (AU), University of Aalborg (DK), Syntesa (DK / FO), TOKNI (FO), CSIC (ES), IEO (ES), CETMAR (ES), University of Helsinki (FI), CNR (IT), NIWA (NZ), RMRI (RO), University of Tromso - UiT (NO), Nofima (NO), MIR (PL), University of Cape Town (SA), SLU (SE) , University of Stockholm (SE), University of Aberdeen (UK), MAPIX (UK), Shuttle tread (UK), NRC (UK).

Research Fund: FP7

Initial year: 2014


Jónas Rúnar Viðarsson

Director of Business and Development

MareFrame was an international research and innovation project that ran from 2014 to 2017. The project was supported by the European Seventh Framework Program for Research and Innovation (FP7) and aimed to further develop an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in Europe, where the ecosystem as a whole is increasingly involved in fisheries management decision-making. The project therefore continued to develop multi-institutional models and seek to utilize information on economic and social incentives into the models.

Icelandic participants played a key role in MareFrame, where Matís led the project, the University of Iceland led the scientific management and the Marine Research Institute led one of the packages.

The Icelandic fisheries sector also played an important role in the project, as Iceland was one of the case studies in the project. As part of this, there was an important development of three multi-institutional models (GADGET, EwE and Atlantis) for Icelandic waters, and Icelandic society will create a future for this work.

Extensive consultation took place with Icelandic stakeholders in the project, which helped to develop the methodology.

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