Ecosystem approach to European fisheries management

Project title: EcoFishMan

Partners: Matís (IS), Háskóli Íslands (IS), EUROFISH (DK), Bitland (DK), CETMAR (ES), Syntesa (FO), CNR-ISMAR (IT), University of Tromso- UiT (NO), Nofima (NO ), IPMA (PT), CCMAR (PT), MAPIX (UK), University of Aberdeen (UK), Seafish (UK), Marine Scotland (UK).

Research Fund: FP7

Initial year: 2011


Jónas Rúnar Viðarsson

Director of Business and Development

EcoFishMan was an international research and innovation project running from 2011 to 2014. The project was supported by the European Seventh Framework Program for Research and Innovation (FP7) and aims to develop a methodology that could enhance the ecosystem approach to fisheries management in Europe. where, among other things, economic and social incentives were increasingly included in decision-making in fisheries management.

The project developed a new approach to fisheries management, based on the premise of shifting responsibility for fisheries management to an increasing extent to those engaged in fishing.

Iceland played a major role in EcoFishMan, where Matís led the project and the University of Iceland also played a key role.

The methodology was developed and adapted to several commercial stocks and fleets within Europe, including grayling fishing and hook fishing in Iceland.

There was a particularly good collaboration with the National Association of Small Boat Owners and LIU in the project and in that connection we can especially thank Erni Pálsson and Kristján Þórarinsson for their contribution to the project.

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