Installation of a geothermal grain dryer in Kenya

Project title: Geothermal drying in Kenya

Research Fund: The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland, The Nordic Development Fund

Initial year: 2017

Service Category:

Vegetables & Grains


Margeir Gissurarson

Strategic Scientist

The aim of the project was to build an experimental dryer in Kenya that used low-temperature geothermal energy for the grain to dry. Utilization of geothermal energy in food processing is unknown in Kenya

The private sector's interest in investing in geothermal technology is still limited because the knowledge and profitability of such activities is not easy to understand. The Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Development Fund have decided to finance the construction of a fully operational geothermal drying unit at the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) power plant in Menengai, Kenya. The experimental unit will be used to demonstrate the technology and will be a marketing tool for potential investors. Seeing and executing is more effective than writing reports.

In August 2017, MNF signed an agreement with Matís to install a fully equipped drying unit in the geothermal area of GDC in Kenya.