Audit of official quality control in CARIFORUM states

Project title: SPS consulting in CARIFORUM countries

Research Fund: CARIFORUM

Initial year: 2010

Service Category:

Pelagic fish


Margeir Gissurarson

Strategic Scientist

The main objective of the project was to set out a roadmap or proposals for what the CARIFORUM states can do jointly and individually to strengthen health and food safety monitoring of fish and aquaculture within the region through harmonized requirements that also meet international requirements.

The project was intended to assist CARIFORUM countries in gaining access to valuable markets by complying with international rules on hygiene and safety (SPS measures) in the production of fish products. In addition, to assist CARIFORUM countries in meeting the requirements for increasing trade in fish products in each country, within the CARIFORUM regions and internationally. Eight countries were visited, where conditions and monitoring were examined and the results presented to the authorities and stakeholders. Final proposals were submitted in October 2015.