Lobster Bisque from the Chef - development and marketing




Vigfús Ásbjörnsson, Jón Sölvi Ólafsson

Supported by:

AVS Fisheries Research Fund

Lobster Bisque from the Chef - development and marketing

The purpose of the project was to start marketing both domestic and foreign markets at Kokkar's Lobster Broth. A market study was conducted both in the domestic market and in foreign markets. Business contacts were established in foreign markets, in addition to which extensive product design was carried out on the product, which is useful both domestically and in foreign markets. The product was made ready for foreign markets so that products can be sent out at short notice. A proposal was made on how best to manage the production and make the product more efficient in production, in addition to which a powerful marketing campaign was launched which resulted in a 30% increase in sales right at the beginning of the campaign.

The purpose of the project was to initiate target attendance in both domestic and overseas market for the Lobster Bisque from the chef. A market research vas performed both in domestic and foreign markets. Business relationships were developed onto foreign markets as well as the product was taken into a major product design process which can be used both on domestic as well as foreign markets in order to make the product ready to be sent out to foreign markets in the future. It was proposed how the best in practice production for the product could look like in order to make the production more efficient. In the end a power full marketing process was lunched which generated 30% increase in sale for the domestic market.

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