Algae products. Hugmyndir að vörum / Food products from seaweed




Þóra Valsdóttir, Karl Gunnarsson

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Þóra Valsdóttir

Project Manager

Algae products. Hugmyndir að vörum / Food products from seaweed

Today, the large algae that are used for food in this country are mainly sold dried and processed. There has been little development in their processing and operation to this day. In order to encourage increased utilization and innovation in this field, information was collected on products of large algae on the market in other countries. What particularly hinders the growth of the food algae market here in Iceland and in the neighboring countries is that the tradition for their use has been limited to small and limited social groups. There are therefore many consumers who know little about the use of food algae and more often than not have a negative attitude towards them. The transfer of more traditional vegetable processing methods to algae and mixing in known, general, products such as pasta and rice or in prepared dishes can be a way of introducing food algae to a larger group of consumers.

Today seaweed exploited for food production in Iceland is mainly sold dried and / or cured according to tradition. With the aim to stimulate utilization and innovation in the sector, information was collected on seaweed products in several countries.

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