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Matís invites parties in aquaculture for a total!

  • How can Matís help increase value creation in aquaculture in the future?
  • Where does Matís' expertise lie
  • How can the company's human resources and infrastructure benefit aquaculture?

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Within Matís, researchers work in many fields and the company has facilities for measurements, sensory evaluation, courses as well as the ability to raise funding for research projects. Matís has many years of experience in close collaboration with the fishing industry, whether it is fishing, production or technological development. The company can be regarded as the research and development department of the Icelandic fisheries and aquaculture industry.  

Examples of successful collaborations are the development of supercooling, innovations in feed production and the possibilities of utilizing genetics in future projects.

Matís is at the forefront of the revolution that is taking place in the fight against pathogenic bacteria in fish products. To increase communication with the aquaculture and breeding industries, Matís has taken on the executive board for Lagarlíf (formerly Strandbúnaður), which is an annual conference for aquaculture and breeding.   

Aquaculture is a high-tech industry that is developing rapidly. Let us work together to make Icelandic aquaculture competitive with the best in the world. 

The meeting was held on 18 May. Below is a recording of the meeting:

Here is a link to the event of the meeting on Facebook.

This event is part of a series of focus meetings held following the annual meeting to provide further insight into Matís' operations, which provide support to various sectors and sectors of the economy.

The meeting will be recorded and made accessible