Importance of new protein sources for salmon farming worldwide

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Jónas Rúnar Viðarsson, director of value creation at Matís, is currently present North Atlantic Seafood forum (NASF), in Bergen Norway.

Similar to 200 miles on report today, Jónas talks about how important new protein sources are for growing feed production for salmon farming.

At the conference, Jónas presented the SYLFEED project that Matís is working on, and the goal of the project is to develop and design a value chain for the production of protein from forest products. Imports of protein for use in feed amount to 70% in Europe and the product of the SYLFEED project will be used as a high quality protein in fish feed in order to stem the levels of these increasing imports.

In his talk, Jónas also covered new proteins from microalgae, protozoa and insects.

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