North Atlantic Seafood Forum conference hosted

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Jónas Rúnar Viðarsson

Head of Value Creation

The North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) conference took place on 8-10. June sl. but at the conference, 160 lectures were given in 18 seminars on the various issues related to fisheries and aquaculture.

Topics at the conference were varied, but as examples of topics, seminars were held on:

  • Effects of salmon lice on aquaculture
  • Aquaculture feed and its development
  • Supply and demand in aquaculture
  • New production methods in aquaculture
  • Supply and markets for whitefish
  • Women in the fishing industry
  • Supply and demand for shrimp
  • Investments in the fisheries sector
  • Supply and markets of pelagic species
  • Discussion of a key market for seafood
  • Sustainability and marine products

Icelandic companies and speakers were quite prominent at the conference. These include Guðlaug Þór Þórðarson's speech on sustainability and the fishing industry, a lecture by Jón Birgis Gunnarsson from Valka on filleting for death starvation, a lecture by Guðbjörg Heiða Guðmundsdóttir from Marel on a digital revolution in the value chain of aquaculture and a lecture by Þór Sigflasán from Nývarkan.

The agenda of the conference can be accessed here.

The conference took place online and there is now an opportunity for those who missed the conference to buy access to the lectures. The fee for that access is 100 EUR.

Those who are interested in purchasing such access can contact Jónas R. Viðarsson via e-mail