More sustainable and better food packaging

An interesting conference on sustainability when it comes to food packaging, its current situation and future prospects will take place on 5 July.

Matís is a participant in the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) project CIRCUL-A-BILITY which aims to develop and educate stakeholders about sustainable food packaging. A total of 160 companies and institutions from 34 countries are participating in the project, with backgrounds in various fields, from primary production and food science to design and marketing. The project aims to promote cooperation within Europe to develop the food packaging of the future that ensures increased quality and shelf life, as well as reduced food waste and environmental impact.

The project will hold a 90-minute webinar on 5 July, where sustainability and food packaging will be discussed. Participation in the meeting is free, but information on registration and agenda can be found here: Sustainability communication on food packages status quo and future needs.

A conference will also be held this autumn, on 26-29. September and information on it can be obtained here. It will be announced later.