Do algae affect the amount of iodine in milk? A feed experiment that examines the quality of milk from cows that have received algae as an iodine source

Project title: INSPIRE

Partners: University of Helsinki, University of Reading, Valio, Waitrose.

Research Fund: EIT Food

Initial year: 2020


Ásta Heiðrún E. Pétursdóttir

Head of Public Health and Food Safety

The INSPIRE project is about researching algae from different producers that could be used as a feed component for cows on organically produced cows to produce iodine-rich milk.

There is a shortage of organic products on the market that contain iodine and dairy products are considered a very suitable iodine source for a wide group of consumers. 

Iodine deficiency was measured for the first time in Iceland in 2019 due to a change in diet and it is important to respond.