Increased value of data




Páll Gunnar Pálsson

Supported by:

AVS (R 12-026)

Increased value of data

The aim of this project was to come up with a proposal for the preparation of standard product descriptions for Icelandic seafood so that it would be possible to better analyze the products that are exported. It is essential that everyone has a similar understanding of the terms used to describe products. The available information on fishing and exports and status were reviewed, and a glossary with pictures was prepared. A way was set up to create a standard method for creating product descriptions, and subsequently a proposal was made for how information on the exported products can be increased.

The aim of the project was to standardize product description for Icelandic seafood products, as it is very important to have the possibility to analyze the export, value and quantity. Same understanding of the meaning of the words used is necessary. Information about catch and export were analyzed and a dictionary for the various products were made. A new idea for standardizing product description was introduced as well as a new system for registration of exported seafood products.

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