Staying at Matís' food factory

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Matís's food factory has a kitchen and processing facilities with a wide range of cooking equipment so that a variety of food processing can be carried out. Verandi is one of the companies that has used Matís' food factory.

Verandi is an Icelandic manufacturing company that produces high-quality hair and body products from by-products from the Icelandic food industry, agriculture and various natural and environmentally friendly materials. Here you can see the staff of Veranda at work in Matís' food factory preparing cucumber masks and serums from cucumbers from Laugaland.

Rakel Garðarsdóttir and her law school sister, Elva Björk Bjarkardóttir, founded the cosmetics company in 2017. The idea came from Vakandi, an organization that Rakel founded to raise awareness about various types of waste, especially food waste. The main basis of the products are by-products from agriculture or raw materials that are produced during other production and are usually thrown away. In this way, the earth's resources are not being used in the same way to create products, which are far from unlimited, but the circular economy is supported.

Being uses raw materials for the products that would otherwise be wasted and therefore does not have to have raw materials produced for him separately, except only for some of the ingredients. With this, they want to participate in the fight against waste through a better use of resources.

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