Project title: Trendy-Cod

Partners: Matis, Møreforsking Ålesund SA, iNOVA, Atlanterhavsparken, Brodrene Sperre, Destinasjon Ålesund, DryTech, Grimur Kokkur, Gutti Winther, Klubbur Matreiðslumeistara, Kosin, Leif Sorensen, Menntaskólinn í Kópavogur, Samtök fjárfestingar í sjávarútvegi (SFS), Vadhorn,

Research Fund: NORA and AG-Fisk

Initial year: 2022

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Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

There is a long tradition of processing salted fish in this country, as well as in Norway and the Faroe Islands, but its processing has its own characteristics in each country. Today, salted fish is considered a gourmet product that is very popular in many parts of the world, but before that salt was primarily used to extend the preservation quality of the fish.

To strengthen the position of salted fish, with its long tradition, history and connection to Nordic livelihoods, it is important to strengthen the value chain as a whole, from producers and retailers, to chefs and consumers. The aim of the project is to develop new or improved ready-made dishes based on traditional salted fish. The project has received funding from two Nordic funds, NORA and AG-Fisk, and will involve 16 participants from Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. The group consists of experts in salted fish processing and quality, cooking, food production, distribution and tourism, who will share their knowledge and work together on the processing and product development of delicious salted fish dishes to promote this great raw material that is salted fish.