In Iceland there are algae underutilized biomass that can be used in a sustainable way for value creation. Domestic parties' interest in the utilization of algae is growing and they are increasingly seeking support and cooperation with Matís.

For years, Matís has focused on research into algae and worked on their utilization. In this connection we can mention: 

  • Matís has worked to establish common quality standards for the harvesting and processing of seaweed and kelp (brown algae) in order to promote maximum utilization, value creation and ensure sustainability.
  • Matís has been involved in building up the knowledge base of the ingredients of selected species with regard to seasonal fluctuations and variability according to crop areas.
  • Large algae contain trace elements that are important for the human body but can be dangerous if their concentration in food or feed is high. The iodine content of different seaweed species has been quantified and methods have been developed to reduce the concentration of iodide in seaweed biomass for food and feed production.
  • The potential of seaweed as a feed additive for dairy cows and cattle has been studied with a view to reducing methane emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Matís has developed methods for fermenting seaweed and using the seaweed as a health-enhancing feed supplement in aquaculture.
  • Matís has been working on the development of healthy flavors from algae in food with the aim of improving public health.
  • Matís has also been involved in the development of antioxidants from large algae and their utilization in cosmetics.
  • Matís has for years been engaged in research and development of enzymes and cell factories that convert complex seaweed sugars into various valuable substances, such as pharmaceuticals / bioactive substances, fuel for vehicles and bioplastics for food, for example.

All of these projects are intended to promote innovation and help food, feed and biotechnology companies to launch new products and gain a foothold in the Icelandic economy.

There has been a lot of interest in fire algae in this country, as it utilizes resources that Iceland is known for, such as environmentally friendly energy and clean water. Algae can be used in various ways. They can be a source of protein, oil, dyes, vitamins and bioactive substances. Matís has for years researched and cultivated algae from the Icelandic environment. Recently, Matís has assisted young too progressive companies in the field of algae cultivation in the development and processing of products for food and feed.