Seaweed that improves feed for dairy cows




Ásta Heiðrún Pétursdóttir, Corentin Beaumal, Gunnar Ríkharðsson, Helga Gunnlaugsdóttir

Supported by:

Agricultural Productivity Fund, Student Innovation Fund


Ásta Heiðrún E. Pétursdóttir

Project Manager

The aim was to investigate whether it would be possible to increase the usefulness of dairy cows by seaweed feeding and to examine the chemical content and quality of the milk. Also whether it would be possible to use seaweed as a mineral source, for example for organic feed that could lead to a new product such as high-fat milk and therefore encourage innovation in
cattle breeding. The results showed that seaweed administration could have a positive effect
on milk production as the groups receiving seaweed showed a slight increase in milk production compared to the control group,
but the change was not significant. The results of the collection samples showed that the trace composition changed. Seaweed supplementation could be, for example
an interesting option for farmers who are interested in or already engaged
organic production but interest in organic farming is increasing among cattle breeders.

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