Food and sustainable tourism. Summary.




Þóra Valsdóttir, Guðjón Þorkelsson

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Technology Development Fund


Þóra Valsdóttir

Project Manager

Food and sustainable tourism. Summary.

Food and sustainable tourism was a priority and cluster project to promote environmentally friendly food production and food processing in connection with tourism. The project was carried out by public bodies in the business support system, regional development associations and the University of Iceland. The project was carried out in response to a great deal of interest in local food and the environment in connection with the growing activities in tourism. The emphasis was on supporting entrepreneurs in the development of new products and sales channels that benefit tourism in each area. The innovation segment was successful and had a multiplier effect both domestically, nationally and internationally. At the same time, important research was conducted on sustainability criteria, consumer attitudes and quality and shelf life. The communication and communication part of the project was no less important. This report briefly describes the progress of the project and the main conclusions.

Food and Sustainable Tourism was a 3 year collaboration project between academia, R&D institutions and regional development agencies. In the project focus was put on strengthening small scale local food production to encourage sustainability in tourism. The project was executed as a response to rise in interest in local food and environmental issues within tourism. Focus was put on supporting entrepreneurs developing new products and sales channels. Research on sustainability indicators, consumer attitudes and product quality was carried out. 

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