Value chain of vegetables

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Matís invites parties in the vegetable sector to a total of an online meeting on Thursday 20 May at 09: 00-10: 00!

  • How can Matís help increase value creation in the vegetable sector in the future?  
  • Where does Matís' expertise lie
  • How can Matís' human resources and infrastructure benefit the vegetable sector?  


  • What can Matís do for the vegetable sector? Valur Norðri Gunnlaugsson (Matís) 
  • What has been done at Matís so far. Ólafur Reykdal (Matís)
  • Perspectives of horticulture. Gunnar Þorgeirsson (Farmers' Association of Iceland)
  • Perspectives of vegetable distributors. Distributor Representative  
  • Perspectives of trade. Representative of the store 
  • Discussion

Each presentation is about 5 minutes and the moderator is Sæmundur Sveinsson. 

Matís employs researchers and specialists in various fields who have knowledge and facilities for measurements, sensory assessment and courses. They also have extensive experience in obtaining grants for research and development projects in collaboration with companies, institutions and the private sector. Matís can therefore serve as a research and development department for food production from products of Icelandic agriculture and fisheries. 

Matís' biggest challenges have from the beginning been related to fish products and meat products, but projects related to vegetables have been on the rise. Matís has also assisted horticultural farmers and companies with product development and labeling. Matís can use a variety of knowledge and experience to assist the vegetable sector in its development. The meeting should shed light on the possibilities.   

The meeting was held on 20 May. Below is a recording of the meeting.

Here is a link to the event of the meeting on Facebook.

This event is part of a series of focus meetings held following the annual meeting to provide further insight into Matís' operations, which provide support to various sectors and sectors of the economy.

The meeting will be recorded and made accessible